Our Network of Lawyers Helps You Understand The Benefits and Risks of Prospective Trade-related Actions

Because the international legal landscape is so complex, organizations often confront a wide range of trade compliance and litigation issues across various jurisdictions. That’s where we come in, our global network of lawyers helps you understand the benefits and risks of prospective trade-related actions so you can make better decisions and capitalize on more opportunities. When disputes do arise, we partner with you to protect your interests and to achieve the best results.

Letangule & Co Advocates has extensive experience of working on cross-border transactions. Our knowledge and experience of Africa's legal systems, business transactions and local cultures, combined with our world-renowned specialist skills in different sectors and practices, and our relationships with local law firms, mean that we are able to provide timely and focused support to both Africa-based clients and international clients wishing to expand their business into different parts of the vast continent.

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